RC2014 modular Z80 Computer

I was searching for a project to build a Z80 computer which could support an operating system such as some form of DOS or perhaps CP/M. I found the RC2014 page at:

RC2014 page by user RFC2795 / Semachthemonkey.

This website is a good base for getting to know the RC2014 computer and understanding what the concept of the RC2014 is. The RC2014 can be built with different modules which together can form a computer. Depending on what the user wants to do with the computer it can be composed of more or less modules. In the original concept the computer is completely split up into separate modules:

  • CPU module
  • ROM module
  • RAM module
  • clock generator module
  • serial communications module

There are further modules which support a more complex computer, for example:

  • compactflash interface module
  • IDE harddisk interface module
  • floppy drive interface module
  • terminal I/O module
  • bank switched ROM/RAM module
  • video output module
  • keyboard input module
  • joystick input module
  • sound output module

In the past I also saw some CP/M computers which had a serial port for keyboard input and screen output. Since I felt that the performance via a serial terminal would be limited I didn’t follow up on those ideas. But after further reading I found that such a serial terminal approach should not be seen as a limiting factor but rather as a useful addition which allows easy keyboard interfacing and a simple screen capability which might also be used for debugging purposes in certain cases. Especially when writing new code to support hardware additions or additional software functions. So after realising this I decided that the RC2014 is very suitable for my project. It’s fun to build a computers and expand it by building more and more modules.